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11/8/2015 The Changing World of Video
The 2015 Israel Conference took place on October 21st and 22nd at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles. About 100 companies presented to hundreds of attendees covering a diverse cross-section of innovation and design from Israel...Read More
11/3/2015 A Backstage Interview with 2 of Today's Hottest Hollywood Producers
The creator of “Heroes,” “Heroes Reborn” and “Touch,” Tim Kring, 58, is a native Californian with three decades of experience in Hollywood. Gideon Raff, a 42-year-old from Jerusalem, turned his Israeli hit into the Emmy-winning “Homeland” and scored another success with FX’s “Tyrant...” Read More
10/28/2014 There’s No Business Like Israel Business
Rob Anders, co-founder and CEO of software company Niio, said his company is poised to become the “iTunes of art” when it launches next year with a product that allows consumers to purchase and rent digital artwork and exhibit it on screens in their homes...Read More
Jewish Journal
10/25/2015 Good-Looking Defense Jewelry
In a world that is becoming unsafe, being able to defend yourself is a must Her name is Nitzan Kish, 29, a recent graduate of Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, now a designer of artistic defense and survival 3-D print jewelry... Read More
9/20/2015 Bridging the Gap
The acclaimed TV dramas “Homeland,” “Tyrant” and “In Treatment” have more in common than rave reviews and high ratings. All three were imported from Israel, and these days, they have plenty of company...Read More
8/17/2015 The Israel Conference Highlights Innovation And Showcases Top US / Israeli Entrepreneurs
Dozens of the world's hottest brands will present their success stories at The Israel Conference, taking place October 21 -22, 2015 in Los Angeles. Top executives in technology, advertising, gaming, eCommerce, mobile, digital content, energy, clean tech, security, medical devices, consumer products, media and entertainment...Read More
Global Business Advisor
12/19/2014 Bringing Israeli television to American audiences
The acclaimed TV dramas “Homeland,” “Tyrant” and “In Treatment” have more in common than rave reviews and high ratings. All three were imported from Israel, and these days, they have plenty of company....Read More
12/10/2014 Keepy - A New Way for Families to Save and Share Memories
SNNLive spoke with Offir Gutelzon, Co-Founder and CEO of Keepy, a private company, at the Israel Conference 2014 in Los Angeles, CA, Keepy is the new way for families to save & share memories. Preserve children's photos, art, schoolwork, mementos, and more with Keepy, SNN Live spoke with Offir Gutelzon, Co-FOunder and CEO of Keepy, a private company, at the Israel COnference 2014 in Los Angeles, CA...Read More
12/01/2014 Tekoia Ltd. - Discusses SureMote: Smart Universal Remote Application
Tekoia Ltd. develops Smart Universal Remote (SURE) solutions for digital media, smart appliances, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Tekoia introduced SureMote, the world’s first Smart Universal Remote App. SNNLive spoke with Viktor Ariel, CEO of Tekoia Ltd., a private company, at The Israel Conference 2014 in Los Angeles, CA...Read More
11/25/2014 Lightricks Ltd. - Facetune: Capitalizing on the Power of Advanced Image Processing Technology
For the last three years, I’ve had the pleasure of going to The Israel Conference in Los Angeles, CA. I’ve met some really interesting people, companies, leading thinkers that are trying to bring awareness to all the innovation going on in the small country of Israel...Read More
11/24/2014 Bonaverde Coffee - Bringing the Green, Un-roasted Coffee Beans From Farmers to the Consumer's Doorstep
Bonaverde developed the world’s first roast-grind-brew coffee machine to be launched to the market at the end of this year. The machine turns the raw, green coffee beans into fresh, black filter coffee. SNNLive spoke with Hans Steir, CEO / Managing Director of Bonaverde Coffee, a private company, at The Israel Conference 2014 in Los Angeles, CA.
Bonaverde Coffee - Bringing the Green, Un-roasted Coffee Beans From Farmers to the Consumer's Doorstep.
..Read More
11/17/2014 Jonathan Saacks, Genesis Partners - Issues Facing Cybersecurity Industry
In this Wall Street View, our host spoke with Jonathan Saacks, Managing Partner of Genesis Partners at The Israel Conference 2014 in Los Angeles, CA. Genesis Partners Ltd. is a team of committed and talented professionals that have extensive experience in technology, investing, and entrepreneurship. Genesis partners builds long-term partnerships with entrepreneurs whose vision, passion, integrity, and execution skills build market leaders. Genesis Partners focus on seed and early stage investments in the information and communication technology (ICT) sectors...Read More
11/13/2014 Comment fédérer sa communaute?
Sur le marché des applications mobiles de navigation GPS, Waze détonne et cartonne. La France est tombée sous le charme de la start-up israélienne rachetée lété derner par Google. Pour comprendre son modéle économique, sa réussite et sa mission communautiaire, INfluencia recontré Noam Bardin, son CEO...Read More
11/06/20144 Israel Shines, Despite All Odds
Sharona Justman, Managing Director of STEP Strategy Advisors had a dream to expose Israeli technology, innovation and creativity to the world and thus bypass political borders. For that purpose she founded The Israel conference, which she now co-chairs...Read More
News Blaze
11/5/2014 Israel tech investment, with a side of shmoozing
If I were an Israeli-developed app, which one would I be? Would I be Waze, the app that incorporates live traffic information to send you the most turn-filled directions - and gets you there faster than anyone else; or...Read More
Jewish Journal
11/5/2014 What App Are You? A Report From The Israel Conference in L.A.
If I were an Israeli-developed app, which one would I be? Would I be Waze, the app that incorporates live traffic information to send you the most turn-filled directions - and gets you there faster than anyone else; or...Read More
Social Media Today
11/2/2014 Israelis Bring ‘Magic Fairy Dust’ to LA Conference
LOS ANGELES – In 2009, Yossi Vardi – one of Israel’s most successful entrepreneurs – joined forces with American businesswoman and entrepreneur Sharona Justman – to create the Israel Conference in Los Angeles...Read More
Jerusalem Post
10/27/14 Dynamic Entertainment Duo Jennifer Salke, President of NBC Entertainment and Bert Salke, President of Fox 21 to Keynote at The Israel Conference on October 31 in Los Angeles
The Israel Conference today announced that Jennifer Salke, President of NBC Entertainment and Bert Salke, President of Fox 21, are scheduled to keynote on October 31st at 11am at The Skirball in Los Angeles. These heavy hitters in entertainment will discuss their views and their involvement in the phenomena around the super-successful TV formats such as Homeland, Tyrant, and Digg, all developed in Israel...Read More
10/24/14 The Israel Conference Announces the First Annual APPsolutely! Award Competition
The Israel Conference today announced the launch of its first annual APPsolutely Award. The award recognizes outstanding APPs for their innovation, creativity, and market value...Read More
Jerusalem Post
10/5/14 2014 Israel Conference On Israeli Innovation Held In L.A., Oct. 30-31st
The Israel Conference, held this year for its 6th consecutive year, is a business conference bringing together technology innovators and investors in high tech, media and entertainment, advertising, mobile, content, gaming and much more...Read More
Bloomberg TV
7/3/2013 Lessons in Fear, Risk and Failure for Startups
The Israel Conference Fireside Chat speaker, and Rackspace Chairman, Graham Weston discusses the need for more companies and jobs in America with Betty Liu on Bloomberg TV's "In The Loop"...Watch the Inverview
Bloomberg TV
7/3/2013 The Israel Conference Brings Israel Hi-Tech Across the Sea to LA
Every May, for the past five years, Sharona Justman and Yossi Vardi have offered the American public an opportunity to experience the incredible and varied inventiveness of a little country - surrounded by enemies – which has brought entrepreneurship and technological advances to humanity across the globe with the 2-day Israel Conference...Read More
6/25/2013 Social Media Pioneer Jeff Pulver Engages at The Israel Conference and Helps Judge Startups
On May 30 and May 31, The Israel Conference convened in Los Angeles. Organizers invited members of the SMCLA board to check it out. The yearly conference is designed to connect some of the most innovative Israeli companies and individuals with their counterparts in the United States. The conference showcased more than 60 Israel-connected...Read More
Social Media Club LA
6/24/2013 Showing Off at The Israel Conference
The Israel Conference, held at the Luxe Hotel on Sunset Boulevard May 30 to 31, was the largest gathering I've ever seen of ... Israelis in suits. Beyond that, the two-day event was a persuasive showcase of Israeli innovation and how companies from all over the world -- including Procter & Gamble (P&G), IBM and Deutsche Telekom -- are opening research and development offices in Israel to bottle some of the magic of the startup nation...Read More
The Huffington Post
6/23/2013 7 Hot Startups Presented at The Israel Conference FutureFest
Seven hot Israel-connected startups recently pitched their companies and product offerings to an audience of VCs, tech, media and entertainment execs in Los Angeles. They were part of The Israel Conference 2013 session: FutureFest, Where Hot Money Meets Cool Companies. These hot startups need to either be Israeli-based or have a presence in Israel...Read More
6/19/2013 What is it with Israelis and high tech?
Looming over the Israel Conference was the big question: Are Israeli companies best suited to just being startups that develop new technology — to be bought out by larger global companies who can better market and deploy and distribute their products — or should these companies be allowed to mature in Israel, creating jobs and industry there rather than merely for export....Read More
Jewish Journal
6/19/2013 Wibbitz and Oramed featured @ The Israel Conference in LA
Between updating a facebook timeline, tweeting updates on life, and obsessively checking our email, it's sometimes difficult to believe how far we have come technologically in the last decade. Just then, we hear about another start-up that is on the forefront of astounding breakthroughs in their field. That's what happened at this year's 'The Israel Conference', held on May 30-31, 2013 in Los Angeles....Read More
Size Doesn't Matter
6/14/2013 Israeli Entrepreneurs Gather at The Israel Conference 2013
The Israel Conference was held on May 30-31 at the Luxe Hotel in Los Angeles. More than 700 international business people from the technology community attended. The conference discussed Israel, California, and other places world wide. Topics included mobile communications, entertainment media, big data, e-commerce, and other aspects of business...(article in Chinese)...Read More
Chinese Biz News
6/12/2013 삼성이 키운 20대 천재해커 '이스라엘 사이버 보안관' 우뚝
Korea JoongAng Daily discusses the Cyber Security Panel at The Israel Conference, highlighting panelists, Mark Gazit (ThetaRay), Chris Weltzien (6Scan) and Zuk Avraham(Zimperium)...(article in Korean)...Read More
Korea JoongAng Daily
6/11/2013 Innovation, VCs and industry leaders @ The Israel Conference in LA
For the past five years, agents of influence in the techno-business sector have been descending on Los Angeles to partake in the annual 'The Israel Conference'. This year's two-day conference – held on May 30-31, 2013 at the Luxe hotel – brought together start-ups, multinational corporations, venture capitalists, and government officials to discuss current trends in Israeli technological innovation and what lies ahead....Read More
Size Doesn't Matter
6/9/2013 הרוח היזמית שאינה ניתנת לעצירה
The Israel Conference held in Los Angeles has introduced the entrepreneurial spirit that exists in Israel. It is clear that Israel has the DNA and the inventions required to rise above any challenge....(article in Hebrew)...Read More
6/6/2013 The 'Start-up Nation' Boldly Moves Forward
In the wake of the widely publicized failure of Better Place, the Israeli electric car venture that burned through $836 million in funding in an effort to develop electric cars and a network of "battery swapping" service stations, the 5th Israel Conference was held last week (May 30 - 31, 2013) at the Luxe Hotel in Los Angeles....Read More
6/6/2013 The Unstoppable Entrepreneurial Spirit
After I have participated in The Israel Conference that took place last week at the lovely hospitality Luxe hotel, in West Los Angeles, I have come to realize that the drive of the Israeli people is unlike anyone in the entire world; as if the Israelis are chasing something they forever cannot catch. But in fact along this chase path they discover, invent and....Read More
News Blaze
6/5/2013 Santa Monica Observer
The Israel Conference, in its 5th year at the Luxe Hotel (405 and Sunset), features the hottest Israel-facing businesses entrepreneurs, investors, and executives...Read More
SM Observer
6/4/2013 Yediot America
More than 600 people came to The Israel Conference, including businessmen seeking to connect high-tech companies in Israel with U.S. companies, learn about inventions and new technologies, seek investors and find the next bright invention...(article in Hebrew)...Read More
Yediot America
5/28/2013 Visit The Israel Conference - Century City News
I had another wonderful conversation with Sharona Justman, Managing Director of STEP Strategy Advisors and Co-founder and Co-chair, "Empressario" this year of the fifth anniversary of The Israel Conference.... Read More
Century City News
5/19/2013 instruMagic: The Melodic Solution
Ever wish you could rock out to your favorite song, strumming along on a guitar with your favorite rockstar? Although a lot of us have had this dream in mind, only a few of us have the ability to play guitar or even have the money to afford one.... Read More
5/9/2013 Nielsen Innovate: Investing In The Future
A genius idea could amount to absolutely nothing without the right investor. Nielsen not only knows how to invest but they are also aware of who to invest in. For decades, Nielsen has been spearheading the industry of consumer analytics, constantly on the watch for the new trends.... Read More
5/8/2013 Procter and Gamble: Simplicity and Success
Success is hard to come by in business, especially continued and long lasting success. The ability to sustain and to grow rests largely on the ability of a company or organization to adapt and react to its surroundings. Procter and Gamble (P&G) have understood this method, succeeding in the consumer products industry for over a century.... Read More
Procter and Gamble
5/8/2013 Playcast: Gaming on Demand
Imagine being able to enjoy video games without that lousy, expensive console. Playcast Media Systems has introduced a new way of gaming; one that eliminates the expensive console and replaces it with a standard cable phone line connected to your pre-existing set top box. Simplicity and affordability are the keys driving Playcast’s successful formula. ... Read More
5/7/2013 Rafael Advanced Defense Systems: Focusing on Tomorrow’s Security
Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, a company that prides itself on its efficiency, will be spotlighting its lifesaving technology at The Israel Conference on May 30-31. Many of us are well acquainted with Rafael Advanced Defense Systems after Israel’s recent war. Israeli forces were able to deflect scores of missiles with the help of Rafael’s Iron Dome technology.... Read More
5/7/2013 Serendip: Find Your Musical Soulmate
Ever have trouble finding new music, even with all the help the internet has to offer? With the help of innovators at Serendip, mobile users are now able to utilize the internet’s social potential. We all had that moment when we feel like we have been listening to the same songs and the same artists, constantly craving to hear something new.... Read More
5/6/2013 WalkMe: A Win-Win Website Solution
WalkMe aims at solving the challenging issue of increased cost on customer support by providing businesses and developers with the beginners guide to the internet. The program essentially allows users to complete tasks online much easier through the help of a step by step support system..... Read More
5/6/2013 Skycure: Mobile Security Watchdogs
We live in a world that thrives off of instant communication. With the advent of the cellphone, users have become reliant upon the ease it affords its users. However, this technology does come with a price, with increased dependence comes increased vulnerability. Cellphone users are becoming increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks, a threat that could lead to devastating consequences. Nonetheless, the innovators at Skycure have remedied our ills...... Read More
5/3/2013 Duracell Powermat: No Wires, No Problem
One annoyance all cell phone users have had to deal with over the years is cell phone chargers. Which fits into what phone, damaged wires, outdated chargers – it is all just a mess. Powermat has aimed at cleaning up that mess for all current and future cell phone users. Founded in 2006, with the vision of Ran Poliakine, Powermat launched its first products in 2009. Its marquee product is a mat able to charge your cell phone without any annoying wires connecting to your mobile device..... Read More
5/3/2013 eyeSight: The Ultimate Hands Free Technology
Imagine having the power to control your television without a remote control. At first, this sounds a bit nonsensical, but innovators from eyeSight have introduced the world to a new era of visual relaxation. As opposed to having to get up off the couch or deal with a remote, users can now control their television and other digital devices through the power of their fingertips. Through the use of gesture recognition technology, eyeSight has been able to revolutionize the way we interact with our digital devices..... Read More
5/2/2013 Qualcomm – A Forward Thinker
The essence of any great company is the ability to look forward and think beyond the present time to what the market bears in the future. Qualcomm is a company devoted to this sort of forward thinking mentality. As a leader in the industry, Qualcomm understands that success is not etched in stone and must be earned every single day. In cementing their legacy, Qualcomm has invested in Israel, placing many of its R&D facilities and projects in the state...... Read More
5/2/2013 Watchitoo: Revolutionizing the Way We Collaborate
Imagine holding a business meeting with riveting debate and discussion with no one in the room but yourself. Thanks to the innovators at Watchitoo, one is able to conduct a virtual meeting from the comfort of their own office. This software allows up to 25 people to collaborate in a virtual meeting environment, with a host in power, to assign levels of participation. Some of the collaborators are viewers while others can be answering questions or engaging in discussion; the host is able to switch users to and from this feature during a meeting..... Read More
5/1/2013 Two Day Israel Technology Conference Celebrates Fifth Anniversary - Speakers Include Flash Drive Inventor, Instant Messaging Founder and More
The Israel Conference an annual business event that attracts almost 1,000 executives for a two-day symposium on technological innovations and advancements from Israel, today announced its key speakers and panels. The event will take place Thursday, May 30, and Friday, May 31, at the Luxe Hotel in Los Angeles..... Read More
Splash Magazines
5/1/2013 SodaStream: The New Way of Drinking Soda
When consumers think about the Soda industry two companies come to mind, Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Yet, there is a “new kid on the block” that hopes to change the hierarchy in the industry, SodaStream. SodaStream sells soda-makers that allow consumers to make their own soda at home. The machine comes with different flavors in order to enhance your soda making experience and replicate your favorite sodas. Effectively, SodaStream is attempting to reveal the mystery of soda making to consumers, showing the industrial sameness of all sodas.... Read More
5/1/2013 Comigo: The Smartest Smart TV
A legend in Israeli high-tech and global innovation, Dov Moran is not a newcomer to the tech industry. Moran first made his splash in high-tech by introducing the world to the DiskOnKey and other similar devices. The response was tremendous as many began to purchase this revolutionary product. Moran, shocked by the results, stated that he hoped for a company that generated 1 million in revenue. As months passed, this goal of 1 million was surpassed as SanDisk decided to buy the DiskOnKey from Moran for over 1.6 billion dollars. This success was addictive, spawning the creation of another revolutionary product by Moran, Comigo..... Read More
4/27/2013 Magisto Does Magic on Videos!
Magisto is a video editing solution for users frustrated with the difficulty associated with editing videos. For too long we have let memories lay by the wayside because of our fear of having to compile them into a respectable finished product. Dr. Oren Boiman and Dr. Alex Rav-Acha have created a solution – Magisto. This program is designed to take all of the hard work associated with editing our videos and memories by creating a safe and easy way to compile our most precious moments...... Read More
4/26/2013 Wibbitz Converts Text to Interactive Videos!
Wibbitz is an inventive new tech company that is revolutionizing the way we process information online. Zohar Dayan and Yotam Cohen, co-founders of Wibbitz, are committed to pioneering a new way of viewing and producing video content online. The two innovators have identified a cleaner method of producing video clips by creating an application that analyzes text and turns it into video. The result produced by Dayan and Cohen’s program edges out all other competitors. This text-to-video platform matches the best visual representation for the text while supplementing it with a surprisingly authentic voiceover as well. This allows for anything published online to be instantly turned into a video clip for our viewing pleasure...... Read More
3/25/2013 Tonara – Interactive Sheet Music that Listens to You
It was only three years ago that Tonara co-founders CEO, Yair Lavi, and CTO, Evgeni Begelfor, were in the midst of doing their PhDs when they decided the timing was right to put their studies aside and devote their smarts, passion and energy into taking a stake in the rapidly evolving digital music revolution...... Read More
2/24/2013 Side-Kick, a leader in motion games
Side-Kick is an Israeli family and mid-core games development studio, specializing in games that use human gestures, motions and touch as the game’s controllers for devices such as Xbox360, Kinect, PCs and tablets. It was in 2010 that this team of gaming veterans and entrepreneurs decided to combine their expertise in the design and development of games and applications alongside their close ties to motion control technology pioneers and core technology providers, to create a memorable name for themselves...... Read More
2/17/2013 BriefCam, a video synopsis solution, delivers a day in a minute!
Upon my introduction to BriefCam, I initially started imagining scenes from the Emmy winning show “Homeland“, the award-winning terrorism thriller, which begins its 1st season with main character, Carrie Mathison conducting video surveillance on Sergeant Nick Brody’s house around the clock. BriefCam is an Israeli technology company that allows for hours of surveillance footage to be browsed in just minutes, providing a solution to the challenges posed by the growing amount of video surveillance generated worldwide. This technology is used for security safety and defense in the verticals of law enforcement, building management, campus safety and loss prevention...... Read More
1/28/2013 Xtendi presents new ways to stimulate audiences
2013 sure seems to be making Augmented Reality the common buzz in advertising and Xtendi, a notable Israeli startup is making sure of it. Xtendi is transforming the process of creating AR into a simple and intuitive task that can be done by anyone, in minutes. Since early 2012, Xtendi’s been developing an online studio for creating Augmented Reality experiences to help Digital &Interactive Marketing Agencies design digital layers on physical objects using a simple ‘drag & drop’ interface...... Read More
1/20/2013 Welcome to The Israel Conference, May 30-31, 2013
The Israel Conference™ is a fast-paced business conference showcasing the vitality and growth of Israel-facing business through a variety of panels on hot industry topics and trends with world-class speakers and high-quality networking. The diverse cross-section of innovation and design from Israel provides the attendees with a front-row seat to the technologies and products of tomorrow. ..... Read More
6/14/2012 Kinvestix Workout Belt Provides Resistance–No Need to Wear Weights
I recently attended the Israel Conference in Los Angeles and spoke with Asaf Manori at Kinvestix about working out with the Kinvestix PowerVest that maintains resistance during workout. Not having to wear "actual weights" is a big plus and probably safer.... Read More
6/13/2012 UC Irvine student organization focuses on Israeli relationship
The University of California, Irvine Global Innovation Group (IGIG) partnered with the Israel Conference for its annual Los Angeles business conference that showcases Israeli businesses May 31... Read More
Medical Quack
6/12/2012 Venture companies' Nation Israel.
Israel Pioneers gather to penatrate US market and the Power of Israeli-American cooperation. (article in Korean)... Read More
Korea Daily News
6/8/2012 Two 3D Printing Companies Merging Stratasys and Objet–A Growing Area of Technology For Healthcare
Is 3D printing used in healthcare, you bet and here's a couple past posts on that topic in the links below. I attended the Israel Conference last week and had a great conversation with the folks from Objet... Read More
Medical Quack
6/6/2012 Consul General David Siegel Speaks About The Israel Conference
Consul General David Siegel spoke to Sharon Mor from "What's New LA" about the innovations and technology coming out of Israel today and how important it is to tell and share this story about Israel... Read More
6/4/2012 Israel's New Techs are all here!
3D printer, Wireless chargers Powermat... (article in Korean)... Read More
Korea Daily News
6/3/2012 Irvine Global Innovation Group & The Israel Conference Partner for International Business Conference
The Irvine Global Innovation Group (IGIG) at UCI was a partnering organization with The Israel Conference for their annual business conference. The event was held from Thursday May 31st to Friday June 1st, 2012 at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel in Bel Air, California... Read More
6/3/2012 Sidekick debuts Xbox360 Kinect Game (Hebrew)
.... שפותח Mini Ninjas Adventures - ללקינקט ובלעדי חדש על הכריזה SQUARE ENIX המשחקים מפיצת Read More
6/3/2012 Iron Dome...Interceptor attacking down football sizw missile head from 70km.
Israel's 'Amazing' high-tech (article in Korean)... Read More
Korea Daily News
6/1/2012 Why California remains highly attractive to foreign investors
The Contra Costa Times reports in a May 30, 2012 article that Hillwood chairman Ross Perot Jr thinks this is the right time to invest in California. ... Indeed, The Israel Conference, taking place this week in Los Angeles, exemplifies California's importance as a gateway for Israeli high tech companies into the North American market... Read More
Stratedic Deals
5/31/2012 The Israel Conference on the Radio - KNX Business Hour with Frank Mottek
Hear the interview of Sharona Justman, The Israel Conference Co-Chair on KNX News Radio.
Listen to the Interview...
KNX News Radio
5/30/2012 The Israel Conference on the Radio - Global Voice Broadcasting with Victoria and Walt
Hear the interview of Sharona Justman, The Israel Conference Co-Chair on Money and Music on Global Voice Broadcasting radio.
Listen to the Interview...
"; echo ""; } ?>
Global Voice Broadcasting
5/30/2012 Israel is the heart of the world
Israel's recent medical advances, humanitarian activities and technological achievements have again put the Jewish State firmly in the centre stage, with its work to make the World a better place.... Read More
5/27/2012 Speed Dating Israeli Innovation Israel
Israeli innovation is heading to a city near you (in this case, Los Angeles). Not to be missed upcoming Israel conference let's you meet some of the most interesting leaders of Israeli's start up nation.... Read More
5/24/2012 VISIT THE ISRAEL CONFERENCE - Century City News Article
I had a marvelous conversation with gracious Sharona Justman, Managing Director of STEP Strategy Advisors and Co-founder and Co-chair of The Israel Conference. In her words to our Century City News readers, the following: Read More
5/24/2012 The Connected Consumer – Challenges and Opportunities
Interested in discovering cutting-edge technologies and best practices for enhancing the customer experience? Going to be in Los Angeles on the 31st of May? Read More
5/21/2012 The Israel Conference Media Advisory
The Israel Conference Highlights Innovation and Showcases Top US / Israeli Entrepreneurs and Investment Opportunities - 700 Executives to hear from Senior Execs from Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Yahoo!, Oracle, Blizzard, SodaStream, and Sixty other companies. Read More
3/2/2012 The Israel Conference from NewsGeek(Hebrew)
The Israel Conference 2012 – ועידת ישראל ה-4 [הנחה לאירוע] מאת מערכת ניוזגיק 12 באפריל 2012. אין תגובות. שייך לקטגוריות אירועים כ-700 אנשי עסקים בכירים יקחו השנה חלק בועידה שעיקרה עסקים שלהם קשר עם ישראל ו/או שבסיסי המו"פ שלהם בישראל. זהו ארוע אינטראקטיבי, מלא אנרגיות, לקידום עסקים וליצירת נטוורקינג עסקי. קוראי ניוזגיק Read more...
3/2/2012 Video Article of The Israel Conference breakfast
Click here Interviews and footage of the annual Israel Conference breakfast courtesy of Whats New LA
What's New LA
6/7/2011 Israeli inventiveness gets local spotlight
When Noam Bardin demonstrated how Waze - a Twitter-infused GPS - got him from LAX to the Luxe Hotel on Sunset in 26 minutes during rush hour, several attendees at the third annual Israel Conference immediately took out their phones to download his app.
Jewish Journal
6/1/2011 The Israel Conference on the Radio - KNX News Radio / Los Angeles - News Time
Hear the interview of Sharona Justman, The Israel Conference Co-Chair on KNX News Radio.
Listen to the Interview...
KNX News Radio
5/31/2011 Israel on the Radio - KFWB (CBS) Radio / Los Angeles - Ken Jeffries - Money 101
Hear the interview of Sharona Justman, The Israel Conference Co-Chair on KFWB radio.
Listen to the Interview...
KFWB News Radio
6/7/2010 Powerful views - Izhar Shay / Startup Stadium (Hebrew)
שורות אלו נכתבות בגובה שלושים אלף רגל מעל האוקיאנוס. בין ארצות הברית לבין ישראל, ובין "ועידת ישראל", שהתקיימה בלוס אנג'לס לבין ועידת איגוד תעשיית ההיי-טק הישראלי שתתקיים השבוע בירושלים. בימים כל כך קשים לתדמית ישראל בעולם, שתי ועידות, בשתי יבשות שונות, מצדיעות להיי-טק הישראלי.
Start up Stadium
5/31/2010 Marvell's Weili Dai: Israel's technology enthusiasm suits us - Globes
Israeli high tech is blessed with talent. There's an enthusiasm for technology, which suits Marvell, which is a company with passion. Israel is an extraordinary source of innovation, with skilled workers. I've even learned a few words of Hebrew in addition to "hag sameach" (Happy holiday) and "shana tova" (Happy New Year). I can even say, with the appropriate hand movement, "Lama, ma karah?" (Why, what happened?), Marvell Technology Group (Nasdaq: MRVL) co-founder and VP sales communications and services Weili Dai told Globes in an exclusive interview. She was speaking ahead of her participation in the Israel Conference in Los Angeles on June 3.
5/28/2010 Reaching Across the Global Aisle to Produce and Deliver Clean Renewable Energy - The Huffington Post
This is a true story of strategic initiatives, collaboration, innovation and global dependency that will take you on a journey from one side of the world to the other in search of the 21st century's version of the "Holy Grail."
On one side of the world is Los Angeles and its surrounding population of approximately 10 million. Los Angeles is an arid, congested, urban center full of productive and creative people applying their talents to entertain us all while at the same time an equally active group of entrepreneurs are working to solve some of our most challenging world problems that include moving us away from being the world's largest petroleum consumer.

5/26/2010 Dozens of Israeli technology companies will participate in the conference in Los Angeles - TheMarker (Hebrew)
מפגן עוצמה של מספר רב של חברות היי-טק ישראליות יתקיים ב-3 ביוני בלוס אנג'לס. בין המשתתפים בכנס יופיעו אלי הררי, מנכ"ל חברת סנדיסק; צפרא כץ, נשיאת אורקל; יוסי ורדי; יוסי מתיאס, נשיא מרכז המו"פ של גוגל בישראל; משה ליכטמן, נשיא מרכז המו"פ של מיקרוסופט בישראל ועוד עשרות חברות. בין היתר מדובר בקאטץ' מדיה שלאחרונה דווח עליה כי היא מנהלת משא ומתן עם גוגל; אבנר רונן, מנכ"ל חברת בוקסי; אדם סינגולדה מחברת טאבולה ועוד.
5/4/2010 Interview with Yossi Vardi -
It's our pleasure today to feature an interview with Yossi Vardi, one of Israel's best known high tech entrepreneurs. Yossi is much sought out by entrepreneurs both here, in Silicon Valley, and the rest of the world for his insights into startups, having backed Mirabilis (ICQ, sold to AOL), (IPO), Tucows (IPO), and dozens of other successful startups. Yossi, who is co-chairing the upcoming Israel Conference ( here in Los Angeles next month, recently sat down with us to talk about entrepreneurship, why Israel has been able to become such a center of high tech--and what Southern California might be able to learn from the Israeli culture.

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